Presentation Uploading

Uploading Your Presentation

Audio/Visual Needs – Overview

For all invited and regular papers, three items must be uploaded:

  • A full-length video (MP4) (see guidelines/instructions on the Preparing your presentation link ) pre-recorded presentation of the paper (duration: 20 min)
  • A two-slide executive summary (MP4) pre-recorded presentation of the paper (duration: 2 min)
  • A two-slide executive summary presentation (PDF), ideally the one used for the executive summary pre-recorded presentation, with the following contents:
    • Slide #1 should contain only the paper title, list of authors, affiliation, and acknowledgements. This slide will be used by the session chair to briefly introduce the paper

Slide #2 should contain key figures (legible) and an impact statement accompanying the figures. A template will be made available on the IEDM website. NOTE: Only this slide will be visible during the rest of the 10 min Q&A to remind the audience of the main message of the paper and also to help the author reply to questions.


Author Virtual Presentation Instructions – Deadline to upload your presentation is November 27.  There will be no extensions. 

Upload your files to:             the ProjectionNet collection site

For help with creating/uploading your files, please go to:

As a reminder, the naming convention for both of your presentations:

  •  Please use the following naming convention for your 20 min on-demand presentation:
    sessionnumber_ PresenterLastName                              Example: 2.2_Shah           
  • Please use the following naming convention for your 10 min live Q&A slides:
    Day_sessionnumber_time_ PresenterLastName           Example: Mon_2.2_0910_Shah


The IEDM will not publish or distribute the presentation material.