Student Speaker Information/Forms


IEDM Student Verification Form
Student Presenters need to fill out the student verification form and have their professor/industrial supervisor sign and approve.  It then needs to be sent to the IEDM conference office to the attention of Polly Hocking at

In order to qualify for the IEDM Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award:

  • The work described in the paper must have been performed primarily by the student author.  The purpose of this form is for the student’s supervisor to validate that the work was indeed performed by the student author.  In some cases students perform part of their thesis work at an industrial site.  In that case, the industrial project supervisor must also state that the work was done primarily by the student.
  • The student must give the presentation at IEDM.  If the student does not present the paper, then the paper will no longer qualify for the IEDM Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award

Student Presenter Travel Reimbursement
Subject to the eligibility criteria, student authors will be reimbursed for their transportation costs from their university to IEDM and return, and for their registration fee.

Eligibility Criteria:
Student must be enrolled in a degree-granting educational program at an accredited university on the date of the conference.

  • Student must give an oral presentation of the paper at the IEDM.
  • Student must have logged on to the submission site and changed their paper type from Student to Student Requesting Travel.

Procedure for Reimbursement:
Student requests travel reimbursement when submitting his/her paper for review by the Technical Conference Committee.

  • The General Chair of IEDM will establish the cost of travel from the student’s university to the conference and will contact the student informing him of his eligibility and the amount of travel support to which he is entitled.  The student, or his supervisor, will be asked to provide evidence that the money will be used for the purpose intended (e.g., a copy of an invoice for ticket purchase or copy of ticket after the conference).
  • The student must submit the Travel Expense Report Form along with receipts to the General Chair. A check will then be sent to the student reimbursing him/her for travel to and from the conference and their conference registration.