Session 30: Plenary Session II

Wednesday, December 6
Grand Ballroom B

11:10 AM
IEEE Awards
General Chair: Stefan De Gendt, imec

2017 IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award
To: Guido Groeseneken

“For contributions to the characterization and understanding of the reliability physics of advanced MOSFET nanodevices.”
2017 IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award
To: Sorin Cristoloveanu

“For contributions to silicon-on-insulator technology and thin body devices.”

2017 IEEE Frederik Philips Award
To: Gary L. Patton

“For industry influence and leadership in the development of leading-edge microelectronics technology and collaborative research.”

Plenary Paper
Technical Program Chair: Ken Rim, Qualcomm

11:30 AM
30.1 Development of Sustainable Smart Society based on Transformative Electronics (Invited), M. Ogura, Y. Ando, S. Usami, K. Nagamatsu, M. Kushimoto, M. Deki, A. Tanaka, S. Nitta, Y. Honda, M. Pristovsek, H. Kawai*, S. Yagi*, and H. Amano, Nagoya University, *POWDEC K.K.5, 2017 National Institute for Materials Science

Defects which cause leakage under a high-voltage reverse-biased condition were identified in GaN pin diodes grown on freestanding GaN substrates. The performances of GaN-based horizontal-heterostructure superjunction high-electron mobility transistor and a GaN-nanorod-based vertical pnsuperjunction diode were simulated. A vertical pnsuperjunction was fabricated using GaN nanorod growth technology.