Magnetics Society events at IEDM 2019

Sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society

Sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society

With the rising interest of the microelectronics industry in STT-MRAM, it is very important to strengthen the relationship between the microelectronics and magnetism communities since this technology requires expertizes from both areas. For that, two special events related to MRAM technology are being organized around IEDM by the IEEE Magnetics Society.

1) A special poster session dedicated to MRAM

 Various topics will be covered including MRAM materials, phenomena, technology, testing, hybrid CMOS/MTJ technology and circuits, spin-logic.  Similar MRAM poster sessions took place at IEDM 2016 , 2017 and 2018, which were very successful with more than 30 posters presented and very active cross-disciplinary discussions. This session is technically organized by the IEEE Magnetics Society. It will appear as a special MRAM poster session in the IEDM program. This event will be a great opportunity to bring together experts in magnetism and in microelectronics. Participants in this poster session need to register at IEDM as regular attendees. More information including the list of presented posters are posted on the IEEE Magnetics Society website:

2) The 11th MRAM Global Innovation Forum

This is a one-day forum organized the day following IEDM (i.e on 12 December 2019, 8:45am – 5:30pm) in the same hotel as IEDM (Hilton Union Square, 333 O’Farrell St, San Francisco).  The Forum was originally initiated by Samsung Semiconductor, and this forum marks the 11th edition of the series.

The Forum is entirely sponsored by Samsung Semiconductor. The registration to the Forum will be free of chargeMore information will be posted on the IEEE Magnetics Society website