IEDM Career Luncheon

Tuesday, December 10, 12:15– 2:00 p.m.
Grand Ballroom B


Ramune Nagisetty, Sr. Principal Engineer and Director of Process-Product Integration, Intel Corporation
Linda K. Somerville, Ph.D., Corporate Vice President of Technology Strategy and Operations, Micron Technology, Inc.

In this IEDM Career Luncheon, the IEDM Executive Committee invites student conference attendees, aspiring professionals, and the IEDM community at-large to join the industry veterans in a casual, buffet lunch setting to discuss topics related to their careers and their experience in the semiconductor industry.  To facilitate this dialog, two distinguished members of the semiconductor community, Ms. Remune Nagisetty from Intel and Dr. Linda Somerville from Micron, will share their industrial perspectives on the future of the semiconductor industry.  We encourage the audience to attend this luncheon and engage with the distinguished speakers as they seek answers to their career development questions and the overall semiconductor industry.

From Datacenters to Wearables: The Continuing Evolution of Moore’s Law

Ramune Nagisetty, Intel Corporation

This talk will discuss a range of inspiring new computing applications from the edge to the cloud, interweaving lessons learned from a career spanning high performance transistor technology development to wearable system integration and the horizon of an emerging industry-scale ecosystem based on chiplets, heterogeneous integration, and advanced packaging.

A Passion for Technology: Memory and Macro Trends

Linda K. Somerville, Micron Technology, Inc.

We are living in an exciting time, the A.I. revolution, in which the world is unleashing a massive amount of data. Looking back on a career in the memory industry interleaved with macro technology trends in the world, one can observe incremental change accented by such revolutionary inflection points. From there we can examine today’s technology trends and the importance of memory in the data economy.