Electronic Submission

The first step of electronic submission includes uploading the source file for your paper to IEEE PDF Express and approving the Xplore compliant pdf version created by that site.  Click on the link on the left “Preparation of Papers” and follow the instructions under How to Create an IEEE Xplore Compliant PDF to upload to the IEDM submission site.

Then the author will upload the pdf created from the PDF Express site to the IEDM Submission site.

After reading the following information, and following the detailed instructions on the “Preparation of Papers” link to the left of this screen, you may submit your file for review here.

IMPORTANT – Please note that successfully uploading your paper does not indicate your paper fulfills the page limits or formatting requirements. This will only be verified by IEDM at a later stage and submissions that are found to violate the requirements will be rejected from consideration. Thus, it is the author’s responsibility to follow the “Preparation of Papers” guidelines fully.

As in the past two years, IEDM will only have ONE submission deadline, July 26, 2019 (extended to July 29, 2019, 23:59 PDT). The paper that you submit must be a 4 page camera-ready paper (2 pages of text and 2 pages of figures). If accepted, this 4 page paper will be used for publication as is. However, authors will be asked to transfer their copyrights in a final submission stage.

For 2019, IEDM will use theExOrdo submission system. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Do not email files or mail hard copies to the conference office. In order for your paper to receive a full review, the following information MUST be entered on the website along with your submission:

  • Title of paper
  • Identification as a regular “contributed” paper or a “student paper” (travel assistance for student papers is available only if requested at the time of submission)
  • Suggested area (as listed under Topics of Interest on this site) into which the paper fits best
  • 50 word abstract

Paper for review must include:

  • Title of paper
  • Name, affiliation, city, state and country, email of first author
  • Up to two pages of text and up to two additional pages of figures and drawings (no text, captions only) in 8-1/2” x 11” format (letter) describing the planned 20-minute paper and emphasizing the findings. The font size for the body of the text must be at least 10 point.
  • Excessive photo reduction of figures and poor legibility will negatively impact acceptance
  • The page margins given in the template document will be enforced prior to submission, so please make sure your document respects those margins

50 Word Abstract for the IEDM Web Page:

This abstract is a brief synopsis (50 words) of your paper. Accepted 50-word abstracts will be used in preparing the IEDM web pages. The abstract should be prepared and inserted into the appropriate text box marked Abstract for the 50-word abstract on the submission web site. DO NOT INCLUDE THE 50-WORD ABSTRACT AS A SEPARATE PAGE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION.

Acceptance notification:

Authors of accepted papers will be notified by the end of September. The accepted paper will be published as-is in the Technical Digest of the 2019 IEDM. Publication in the digest in no way precludes later publication of a fuller account of the work in another journal, but NO PUBLICATION is acceptable before the conference. The paper must be presented at the conference by one of the listed authors.

Pre-Conference Publicity

The accepted four-page abstracts and supporting information will be used for IEDM publicity purposes and portions of these abstracts may be quoted in pre-conference magazine articles and also via the Web. IF THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, AUTHORS MUST INDICATE THIS ON THE WEB SITE WHEN SUBMITTING THE ABSTRACTS FOR REVIEW. Questions regarding pre-conference publicity should be addressed to the conference public relations manager, Chris Burke at (email: and tel. 1-919-872-8172).

For questions contact the conference office:

Phyllis Mahoney
19803 Laurel Valley Place
Montgomery Village, MD 20886 USA