2018 IEDM Plenary Session

Monday, December 4, 9:00 a.m.

Monday, December 3
Grand Ballroom B

Welcome and Awards
General Chair: Ken Rim, Qualcomm

Plenary Papers
Technical Program Chair: Mariko Takayangi, Toshiba

1.1   ̶̶    4th Industrial Revolution and Foundry: Challenges and Opportunities (Invited), ES Jung, President of Foundry Business, Samsung Electronics

1.2   ̶̶    Venturing Electronics into Unknown Grounds (Invited), Gerhard P. Fettweiss, TU Dresden Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications System

1.3   ̶̶    Future Computing for AI (Invited),   Jeff Welser, Vice President and Lab Director, IBM Research -Almaden