Preparation of Papers

Papers must be submitted electronically until August 3, 2018. Deadline for submission of Late News papers is  September 10, 2018. In order to ensure receipt of all correspondence from the IEDM Submission site, please add – and as acceptable emails to receive.

PRIOR to preparing your paper for electronic submission, please read the paper preparation and submission guidelines described below.

The requirements have changed for 2018.  Please use the IEDM paper template provided to ensure that your submission meets the requirements.

Papers for review must clearly state:

  • The purpose of the work;
  • The manner and degree to which it advances the art;
  • Specific new results that have been obtained and their significance.

The degree to which papers deal with these issues will strongly affect whether the paper is accepted. The most common cause of rejection of submitted papers is a lack of specific results. Only work that has not been previously published at the time of the conference will be considered. Paper acceptance will be based solely on the information provided on the 4-page abstract submitted. Promises of upcoming results will be ignored.

Paper Preparation Instructions

The preferred file for uploading to the submission site is your source file which will be used to create the IEEE Xplore Compliant PDF.   Acceptable source files are:

• Microsoft Word
• Corel WordPerfect
• Rich Text Format
• Lotus Freelance
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• (La)TeX w/ DVI
• Adobe PageMaker
• Adobe FrameMaker
• Lotus Word Pro

Instructions on Uploading your Source File
Please refer to the information in this link for all instructions on uploading your source file.

How to Create an IEEE Xplore Compliant PDF
Once you submit your source file and receive the pdf, IF you have issues with the file not converting correctly, you may upload a pdf.  However, the pdf must be IEEE Xplore Compliant.  In order to create an IEEE Xplore Compliant pdf, please use this link to read the instructions.