Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award

Roger Haken

The Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award is awarded each year to the best student paper presented at IEDM, and is given at the IEDM conference in the following year. The award was created in memory of Roger A. Haken who served on the IEDM Executive Committee for several years including as technical program vice chair in 1990 when he passed away in June of that year.

Roger Haken was a Texas Instruments Senior Fellow & Research Manager of Submicron CMOS/BiCMOS at the TI Semiconductor Process and Design Center. He invented the use of both Phosphorus and Arsenic as doping in NMOSFET to improve junction breakdown and to reduce hot carrier generation.  His work on self-aligned silicide led to the use of Titanium Nitride formed concurrently during self-aligned silicidation as local interconnect, published in IEDM 1985.  He led the development of an 8ns 256KSRAM in 0.8μm technology utilizing a CMOS array and ECL IO, reported in IEDM 1987. Subsequently, in IEDM 1989, his team reported a 5ns 4Mb SRAM in 0.5μm CMOS/BiCMOS technology.

Before joining Texas Instruments, he was with the General Electric Company at the Hurst research Center, London. He received the Higher National Diploma in electrical and electronic engineering from Southampton College of Technology, Hampshire, England, in 1971 and the MS and PhD degrees in electronics from the University of Southampton in 1972 and in 1975, respectively. He held 43 patents and was author or co-author of over 30 technical publications.

IEDM Best Student Paper Award Winner

2017 Winners will be announced soon.

Recent past winners:

2016 Roman Koerner, University of Stuttgart/Philips U-L-M Photonics, for the paper entitled, “The Zener-Emitter: A Novel Superluminescent Ge Optical Waveguide-Amplifier with 4.7 dB Gain at 92 mA Based on Free-Carrier Modulation by Direct Zener Tunneling Monolithically Integrated on Si”.

2015 Xiao Yu, The University of Tokyo, for the paper entitled, “Experimental Study on Carrier Transport Properties in Extremely-Thin Body Ge-on-Insulator (GOI) p-MOSFETs with GOI Thickness down to 2nm”.

2014 Jianqiang Lin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology for “Novel Intrinsic and Extrinsic Engineering for High-Performance High-Density Self-Aligned InGaAs MOSFETs: Precise Channel Thickness Control and Sub-40-nm Metal Contacts”

2013 Umberto Celano, imec for “Conductive-AFM Tomography for 3D Filament Observation in Resistive Switching, Devices”

2012 Han Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for “Large-Scale 2D Electronics Based Single-Layer MoS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition”