Presentation Preparation

Read these instructions carefully and completely. Your audience is accustomed to presentations that rely on visual aids. Consequently, they expect material that is readable from all seats in the room. The following information will assist you in preparing your visuals and meeting the standards of quality expected by the Conference Committee and audience.

PowerPoint Presentation Template: Obtain a template of the IEDM presentation template by clicking here PowerPoint Template. The template file contains suitable colors and fonts, as well as examples of good and bad techniques. Even if you do not plan to use powerpoint, carefully review the information in the powerpoint template.

Use of animation. If you plan to use animation, you MUST have prior approval from your Session Chair. Once you have received approval, IEDM enourages the use of MPEG file format. The conference cannot guarantee that other formats will work correctly.

Suggestions for a good presentation:

  1. Briefly outline your talk and what will be covered.
  2. Define your problem. What led to your work? What were your objectives?
  3. Use your presentation to visualize the essential points of your talk. Be selective.
  4. Keep concepts as simple as possible and limit each page to one main idea.
  5. Use several simple figures rather than one complicated one, especially if you plan to discuss it at length.
  6. Make a clear conclusion. Suggest potential applications.
  7. Rehearse your talk aloud with a private audience. Practice wit\h your final electronic presentation.

Presentation Preparation Instructions

  • Updated instruction for the presentation format are in preparation and will be posted later in the year.